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Providing compassionate, high quality counseling & psychological evaluation services that contribute to mental health care.

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Client confidentiality and privacy is to be upheld to the greatest ethical and legal standard.

Frequently Asked Questions


Client confidentiality and privacy is to be upheld to the greatest ethical and legal standard. HIPPA laws require confidentiality in conversation and record keeping. No information can be released without client permission. With a minors a guardian is needed. When suicide/homicide is threatened, the care of the client and person(s) involved comes first.


Insurance companies will cover most of the cost of counseling sessions. There is generally a co-pay for the balance of the expense that the insurance does not cover. This can be determined before an appointment is made. If you do not have insurance there is an affordable private pay rate. Payment is due at the time of service.

Business Hours

Hours are Monday through Friday 9am-6pm with Saturdays appointments available. Please call to schedule an appointment for availability. A prompt response will be given for messages left with the answering services. For an emergency call 911.


Most insurances are accepted, including Medicare and limited Medicaid can be arranged.

Private Pay

You will find that the fee for service is one of the most affordable rates in our area.

What will happen in a counseling session?

Counseling is a process in action. Participation is needed by the counselee for greater and faster success. An overview of what is expected will be shared. Sessions generally run for 45 minutes from 4-10 weeks.

Can I join my child, and or mate in the counseling session?

Since client confidentiality and privacy is to be upheld, no one is allowed in the session except by permission of the client. In cases where the guardian has to speak for the client, the parent is allowed. Some joint sessions are done to further the progress of the individual.

What is a psychological evaluation?

Psychological evaluations are to provide information to help with treatment planning of the individual. There are a series of tests given to discover if a psychological, cognitive, emotional or social deficient may be a significant factor in causing problems in a person’s life.

Why would a person want a psychological evaluation?

Some head trauma or memory loss can lead to an evaluation. Many times there are questions about a person’s characteristic of Autism or Aspergers. Some disorders like ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and others can be supported by psychological testing. Better understanding of the problem helps with the treatment and improves the likelihood of success.