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Providing compassionate, high quality counseling & psychological evaluation services that contribute to mental health care.

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About Patterson Compassionate Counseling, LLC

This will be a practice of helping people learn and use new ways to live a successful life. A mental health therapist is somewhat of a healer of the mind and heart. With extensive knowledge and skill in reframing, refocusing, and reorganizing thought patterns an individual can chose to make better decisions. Trained in behavior and thinking modification theories that can change a person’s current outlook in life. Oftentimes it is a reconciliation of the past with the present.

This is a counseling and psychological evaluation practice. The goal is to helps people deal with life overwhelming situations, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress and broader personality issues. Psychological evaluations are available for all ages.

Major treatment styles include Marriage Therapy using Emotionally Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for individuals. Christian Therapy is also provided for those requesting it. These evidenced based therapies show significant success rates. Expertise in the psychological field coupled with compassion and skill is a combination for quality service. People want quality mental health care and they deserve it.

There is a need for people to feel more capable in dealing with problems. Children face a variety of problems some of depression and anxiety. Life skills will be taught to those who just don’t have the interpersonal training to manage their personal lives.

Advantages of this practice over other clinical practices are:
  • A licensed psychologist who provides professional counseling.
  • Board certified professional counselor with experience and skill.
  • Skilled in Cognitive Behavior therapy for indiviuals, Emotional Focused therapy for couples and Christian therapy.
  • Fee for services are one of the most affordable in the state.
  • There is flexibility in scheduling to accommodate various work schedules including some Saturday times.
  • This clinical practice uses skill, training and diverse cultural knowledge to assist clients reach their potential.
  • Both counseling and psychological assessments are done in the same office. This helps to eliminate 2-4 month wait times.